Where every child learns to soar


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At Flying Colours Education we recognise that each child learns differently. That is why our teaching staff utilise a range of proven teaching and learning strategies to help your child. During each session, your child will be delivered a multi-sensory approach to their learning and as a result become motivated learners and build their confidence.

Our therapy sessions have a strong focus on multi-sensory learning for both maths and English. We are committed to assisting your child reach their full potential, and keep our group sizes low. Centrally located in Cardiff, we can be easily located quickly and easily from all directions in Newcastle.


Multi Sensory Learning is a valuable and fun way for your child to learn. It allows your child to use their minds in an enjoyable yet intensive way that is not often experienced in the classroom.

Multi Sensory Learning allows your child to learn through play and with growing confidence, to solve problems they encounter.


Teaching is not limited to school-aged students. We also do specialised therapy for infants and children who have special learning needs. We offer personalised therapy services for children of any age.

There are a number of teaching techniques that are used in each lesson to discover what your child’s learning needs are.

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Flying Colours Education offers a fully qualified counselling service for children and teenagers to help them work through personal problems, clarify issues, explore options, develop strategies, and increase self awareness.
Our counsellor, Lisa, has a wealth of experience as a classroom teacher so she understands kids and how they ‘tick.’ She also has a Diploma in Counselling so can help them with their emotional well being as well.
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Small Group Learning Environment

We encourage the benefits of a small group teaching environment. This allows us to teach your child in a group, while also spending time with them one-on-one to see how they are going. We offer a range of classes in English and Maths in a range of age groups from Kindergarten through to year 10. Contact us to find out more and to learn more about our timetable. 

Where every child learns to soar
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